Monday, April 16, 2012

Day two after Hawi continued.....

This is the valley at the "end of the road".

Looking from left to right I tried to capture the incredible view!

Still going right.....

Further right(there is a trail that takes you down about 400 feet to the ocean-we weren't prepared for the hike down this time!

Coming to the ocean now....

Here is the ocean and cove for water activities.

There are people down there in the waves.
This snail had several people captivated while I was taking pictures.  Paul put down some money to give you an idea how big he was!

See you later Pololu Valley...we are off to find a place to have lunch.

Onc of our lunch beggers-(he got a carrot scrap)

The view from our picnic table:)
Heading back to Kona-this is "up country"

We are up about 3,000 feet and heading out of the Parker Ranch area.

More up country views.

Loved this cloud!
The "VOG" is always there dimming the views...

Uh oh, leaving some waste water at the top, better go for now:0

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