Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our first day in Kona

This was our first meal when we woke up.  We had no groceries because we arrived so late and had a heck of a time finding this place!  It's like 1,100 feet straight up, turn left, turn left again and go straight down a skinny road - won't go into the stressed out tired driver situation, but we finally pulled off into a driveway and it turned out to be our renter Harry!  He was incredible and showed us everything we needed to know about this beautiful cedar home.  We were so tired we just fell into bed anxious to see everything in the morning.

Harry has an avacado tree in the side yard that is constantly dropping the fruits onto his metal roofed shed, so we luck out on fresh avocado's, which by the way are so sweet and filling for breakfast.

On our way to the Safeway store, which was an adventure to find, we noticed that the four-lanes of traffic had slowed to let a chicken cross the road......:)

Lunch was a large assortment of fresh made pokie and beer, ahhhhhh-delicious!!

The trees from the table in the corner of the lanai.  I took several movies that are not downloading, due to the slow connection speed, so I'll take some pics of the lanai tomorrow and post for you all to see the "jungle" we are surrounded by.

This guy wakes us up about 7am with a very loud screech.  He is then joined by tons of doves and who knows what, but they are ready to get up and get moving and so are you.
The sun has set on our first day which was mostly unpacking into a wonderful walk-in closet and bedroom with lots of dresser space, tons of food & drink from Safeway and a dinner of BBQ'd steak with a stuffed fresh papaya salad.

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  1. Great shot of that Cardinal! I love Cardinals. They are so common in Illinois and I miss them out here in the PNW. They sound like they are saying "Birdie Birdie Birdie Birdie"